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Solar Panels Needs Is Your Home An Ideal Location for a Solar System

Jul 24

In the present, you probably know that solar power is an excellent option to protect the environment as well as your finances. You may be thinking about moving to solar energy however, you are unsure whether solar power is feasible in your home. Find out more about the requirements for solar panels, and determine if your home is suitable to be a solar system.

Are My House and Solar Financially Right?

Financial issues are among the primary barriers to solar power. While solar power can save you money in the long-term, getting started may be more challenging. There are a variety of solar financing options that you may be eligible for:


An outright solar purchase means you are eligible to purchase the entire system from the start. It will result in a decrease in your electric bills and be qualified for tax incentives or rebates.


If you have good or fair credit, you might be eligible for a solar loan, where you can purchase your panels over time. Additionally, you could qualify for tax credit, incentives and other benefits.

Solar PPA

This is different from the other options in that you don't ever buy solar panels. The system is managed by the solar installer and you pay the installer for electricity at a much lower price than you pay an electricity provider. To qualify for a plan such as this, you'll require good or excellent credit and an installer who offers this type of plan.


With a lease that you sign, you don't purchase the solar panel. The solar system is installed for free and the installer will charge a set cost. The estimated energy production of the panels determines the price.

A tempe az panel installer will conduct an assessment to help determine your financial eligibility.

Does my home make a good candidate for solar energy?

In order to be qualified for solar power, your house must satisfy certain physical requirements. These are the most important elements that a solar expert will examine when assessing your home.

Roof Size

A wide, clear roof is the best option as it lets solar panels be positioned. Additionally, you should be sure to avoid chimneys and vents that block sunlight. However, if you're not sure you have enough room on your roof, you could be shocked. It's sometimes possible to fit smaller, more efficient solar panels in smaller areas. Vent relocation is also used to free up area on the roof for solar power generation. Advosy Energy licensed engineers can examine your house to determine if this is required.

Roof pitch

Roof pitch refers to the roof's angle and could affect whether or not you can put solar panels to your roof. Most standard roofs in the US are between 30 and 45 degrees. This is also the optimal angle for solar panels. The pitch of your roof is likely to qualify. A steep roof may reduce electricity production but it is possible to combat this by the addition of more solar panels. We find that steeper roofs produce more energy in winter than in summer. Vice versa for lower pitched roofs!

Roof Obstructions

To produce electricity, you require the maximum amount of sunlight reaching your roof. Chimneysand vents, pipes, even trees can obstruct sunlight and degrade the effectiveness of. Some obstructions are movable when it appears they could cause major problems, but you also should keep in mind that having a bit of shade during certain times of the day is fine.

Direction of the Roof

Since it gets the most sunlight, a south-facing roof is ideal for solar panels. If you have an east or west-facing roof though, you shouldn't think that means you can't install solar panels. East and west facing roofs are able to receive enough sunlight in some areas and you may want to look into installing additional solar panels in order to maximize the energy output of your home.

Roof Materials

Solar panels can be installed on virtually any roof. However, if you have slate or wood roofing the roof could be more fragile, which can make installation a bit more difficult. You are still able to buy solar panels. However, an experienced installer may be required to make sure that the system is properly installed and won't harm your roof. Tempe solar is a specialist in roofing for commercial and residential solar installations. We will help you determine the best installation solution for your roof.

Electrical Wiring

An electrically sound wiring system is crucial as solar panels are utilized to produce electricity. Surveyors are typically required to make sure you have the right clearances and no damaged wiring in your electrical panel, roof and attic. Usually if something's wrong it is possible to fix it and be good to go for solar. The site survey team of 8MSolar is available for free!


The area you reside in has a big impact on your solar production. If your climate gets less sunlight, you will produce less energy. Overcast conditions can result in lower efficiency. Even in a cloudy climate solar power can still be used to your advantage, and you might even be eligible. Although energy rates can vary across cities, certain areas with clouds have high levels of solar power. Arizona is the ideal location for solar energy because of its abundant sunshine and minimal cloud cover.


Local laws regarding solar power might apply to your location. This could affect your eligibility for the solar. A homeowners association (HOA) is something you need to be aware of. HOAs may have a tendency to regulate the installation of solar panels. The solar installer you choose to cooperate together with your HOA to ensure that your solar installation is completed. 8MSolar can assist you in navigating your local regulations and requirements.

Achieving an Solar Assessment

In the end, the only way to find out whether you are eligible for solar power and figure out how to qualify for solar panels is to get a solar assessment from a certified solar company. A surveyor can tell you the number of panels needed and where they might be put. The surveyor can also help in negotiations with HOAs, determine the cost of upgrades and determine any that may be required.

Professional Solar Company is Here to assist you.

Advosy Energy can help you get a free solar assessment. To get started with an appointment for a virtual inspection today. We'll assist you with each stage for the inspection installation, as well as other. Installation of solar panels in my region is handled by experts who know your area and are prepared to help you find the most efficient method to create the most of solar energy for your home.

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